Restasis is the eye drops which helps to increase the level of eye tear production that has been condensed by the inflammation in the eyes. It helps to treat the chronic dry eye that may caused by the soreness. It used in Canada and by using this they can help to increase the quality of life. It has the generic Restasis Canada name like cyclosporine ophthalmic. It also has the equivalent brand name like cequa and Restasis multidose. This product is germ free so during the usage you cannot touch only by the hand or eyes. If it’s dirty it causes infection to the eyes. You cannot use this product while you using the contact lenses and after using this drops you can reinserted the eye lenses after 15 minutes or you can use by the instruction given by the doctor. If you are in Canada it can avail easily in online and you can buy Restasis from Canada online pharmacy.

You must know before taking this medicine

If you have allergic to cyclosporine, you should not use Restasis. This is not use by the age under 16 years old. It is safe in pregnancy but if you are breast feeding tell to your doctor before use. It can use by the direction of doctor. The instruction is given in the label. If you use this larger or smaller it could not have better result so it used in correct level prescribe by doctor. The main thing is should not use this drops longer than recommended time because it cause side effects.

Before using this Restasis eye drops wash your hands clean. Every 12 hour you can use this Restasis. Each eye you can use one drop. Restasis Canada price is very reasonable when compare to other country and it avail in online easily. If you miss the dosage do not take extra dosage of the next time usage.